Support with the transitions

Several points of contact are available to make it easier for children to move from the Crèche to Maison Relais:

  • The educators from the Crèche and Cycle 1 of Maison Relais meet once before the start of the new school year to discuss the children who will be moving up in the next school year. They also spend an afternoon together. This helps them to get to know each other better and find out more about the daily routine at Maison Relais.
  • The Crèche children also spend every lunchtime with us eating in the restaurant. This helps the little ones get to know us at least by sight.
  • To make the move as smooth as possible for our youngest children, they have the option of registering with us from the first week in September. This allows us to introduce them gradually to lots of new things before school starts.
  • All the kindergarten children who will be going into the first class in the following school year will be shown around the school yard of the primary school by educators during a lunch break. They will be shown where the meeting point for Cycle 2 is and will be introduced to their new educators.
  • We also try to make the transition to secondary school as easy as possible for Cycle 4 by working closely with the local youth centre and spending a few taster days there with children before they leave primary school.